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Diosa Moran, Director of Clinical Services & Education
Diosa Moran, Director of Clinical Services & Education

Hi, my name is Diosa Moran, therapist and Director of Clinical Services and Education at Stop Cutting Now!!!.

In my practice, I provide treatment in a sacred space with a mindful representation of my clients. I am passionate about offering my clients with the resources and tools so that clients are able to connect, become aware of themselves as individuals and evolve in their own individuation process and healing. Currently, I continue my experience and passion with teens and adults, individual and group counseling, providing reflective and empathic attunement assisting in a client’s process to wholeness, empowerment, and nurturing the relationship with self.

Qualifications & Specialties: Trained in Psychoanalytic Psychology, Emphasis in Depth Psychotherapy; Certified Practitioner in Clinical Hypnosis & Rapid Trauma Resolution; Certified Practitioner in Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach; Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern; Specialties: Life Transitions, Trauma and process of healing, Self-Exploration, Awareness & Compassion, Anxiety & Stress, Grieving & Healing, Eating Disorders, Depression, & Addictions.

I have written and researched on topics including individuation, transitions, transformations, and trauma. I have published work in “The universality of individuation in the modern world,” which examines essential steps for transitioning in adult life and as part of the individuation process.


Diosa Moran, M.A., R.R.T.
Founder, Soul Renewal Counseling, LLC
Certified Practitioner in Rapid Trauma Therapy
& Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified Practitioner in Community Reinforcement Approach
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
3222 Corrine Drive, Suite K
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